Our company, which operates in the field of industrial automation, has determined its policy in line with the following issues in order to maximize the Integrated Management System in accordance with the purpose and context of the organization and to support its strategic direction.

  • As a company that is sought after in our sector with the quality and difference of our products, in line with national and international legal regulations affecting our products at home and abroad, with our customer orientation value and customer satisfaction target, to determine customer needs and expectations in the most accurate way and to fulfill them, to evaluate and ensure their continuity,
  • To maintain customer satisfaction by meeting customer demands and expectations and providing communication before and after sales,
  • Establishing and reviewing company quality targets and programs, taking corrective and improvement activities under control,
  • Monitoring innovations / technological developments around the world as a company culture, evaluating risks within our own organization to identify needs and opportunities, implementing the necessary activities quickly, continuous improvement and placing / developing the idea of “we” instead of “me”.
  • To ensure internal and external communication established with our fair and transparent management approach,
  • Prevent injury, health impairment and environmental contamination by eliminating or reducing occupational health and safety and environmental risks to acceptable levels through a preventive approach.
  • To comply with the applicable legal and other requirements regarding Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment.
  • In line with our people first principle, believing that a peaceful working environment is the first condition for customer and staff happiness, to use resources in the most economical, effective and efficient way to ensure its continuity.
  • To ensure that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high through training programs that continuously support the development of our employees,
  • To support innovative and creative approaches and to prioritize increasing the technical and behavioral competencies of our employees.
  • To build the economic and environmental future of our company with our employees, customers and suppliers,
  • To fulfill the applicable requirements within the scope of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management System ISO14001:2015 and OHS Management System ISO 45001:2018, to certify, document and ensure continuous improvement,
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