The Rubber and Plastics division of Quad Plus was established to apply our extensive experience in Metal and Paper to the unique needs of the Rubber and Plastics end-users and OEMs’. We have combined our proven technical expertise in control system design with advanced process insight. Advanced interfacing techniques are utilized for a seamless control system. We can offer new and retrofit control applications to your equipment needs.

Process Expertise

  • PVC Lines
  • EPDM Lines
  • TPO Lines
  • Tire Lines

Technical Expertise and Technologies

  • Tension Control
  • Gap Control
  • Gauging
  • Conveyor System & Palletizing
  • Coating
  • Die Control
  • Web Handling & Line Optimisation
  • Extrusion
  • Material Handling and Silo Systems
  • Feeding System
    • Volumetric
    • Gravimetric
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