As Quad Plus, we realize the importance of reliability and the pressure or downtime in Cement and Mining industries, we are in full support of our clients.

By utilizing its engineering/product/industry knowledge and global reach, Quad Plus is able to provide various control system solutions to its Customers globally as follows

  • Automation & Electrical Engineering
    • Cement Mill System Feed material dosing and feed hoppers
    • Material feeding to mill
    • Mill, classifier and ancillaries
    • Plant filter, hot gas generator and fan
    • Burner management systems (BMS Control)
  • Control System and Drive
  • Project Management
    • Managing the risks, issues and changes on the project
    • Monitoring progress against plan
    • Managing the project budget
    • Maintaining communications with stakeholders and the project organization
    • Provider management
    • Documentation
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Electrical drawing
    • Panel design & layouts
    • BOM
    • Panel manufacturing
      • MCC
      • VFD
      • DCS-PLC
      • RIO
      • Compensation
      • UPS
    • Power system study
    • Arc Flash Analyze and related report/label
    • One-Line power distribution diagram
    • Relay coordination study
    • Short circuit study
    • Motor starting study
    • Lightning protection systems
    • Transformer & Switchgear Engineering
    • High power Drive & Motor Engineering
      • Low voltage
      • Medium voltage
  • Mechanical Engineering
    • E-House Container Design and Manufacturing
      • MCC E-House
      • VFD E-House
      • Compressor E-House
      • HVAC Systems
    • 3D Layout
      • Cable Tray
      • Field Panel
      • Instrument
      • Lighting & Emergency System
  • Programming
    • Drive parameterization
    • Instrument calibration
    • FAT and simulation
  • Installation and Commissioning
    • Installation Supervision
    • I/O Checking
    • Instrument Calibration
    • Motor Tests
    • Process Start-up

Quad Plus offers these services not only for greenfield applications, but also for upgrading/ retrofitting existing machinery/ equipment/ software.

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Heat Processing (Pyro Processing)
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